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Suppression Systems


Our clean agent fire suppression systems help protect critical high-value assets from the threat of fire and minimize downtime and cleanup costs, while addressing environmental considerations. It’s rapid and effective fire suppression through a versatile and highly efficient firefighting medium, reducing the risk of damage to valuable assets. Fire suppression technology helps identify fire threats in their earliest stages, enabling timely stage suppression and preservation of critical equipment.

Our Fire Suppression solutions are effective and can be found on large marine vessels, critical data centers at financial institutions, primary schools and universities, emergency hospitals, high-hazard oil platforms, transportation networks, public works projects and world-renowned museums. Inert Gas Fire Extinguishing Systems are the right solution for protecting high-end systems, sensitive equipment or valuables that could be damaged by the use of other extinguishing agents. These versatile systems use argon (Referred to as IG 01 in NFPA), nitrogen (Referred to as IG100 in NFPA), carbon dioxide (CO2) or a mixture of these gases in a specific proportion as extinguishing agents.

The other different kinds of suppression systems we offer are:

Vehicle Suppression Systems, Kitchen-hood Suppression Systems; Industrial Suppression System, Dry Chemical agent, Foam & Gaseous Extinguishing Agents, Watermist Systems; Sprinkler Systems, Fire Hydrant System, Water Curtain/Drencher System; etc.

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